About the Artist


Born in Kuwait City, as a German with Indo-German-Estonian roots (her father being a german diplomat, her mother a Brahmin from Bengal and her grandmother an Estonian), the Artist grew up as a modern nomad – amongst other places in Algeria, India, Egypt and Germany.
After having left Algeria at the age of ten her early poems dealt with longing „Sehnsucht“ and the search for an idealized home. At the same time the Arabian horse, symbol of royalty and strength, settled down in her sketchbooks.

From 2002 onwards she consequently worked on Fine Art and included several stays in India, where she stood under the patronage of the known artist Anjolie Ela Menon.

Fascinated by the Arabian horse’s elegance and beauty, which she had observed so many times in the desert of Algeria, she concentrated on capturing its vibrant energy on her canvases. Then she started painting women, in a very sensual and sensitive way, also including some psychedelic as well as traditional oriental details.

The backgrounds of her pictures are inspired by the place she created the painting in. The bright colors of Rajasthani cloth, a glimpse of snow on joyful german alps as well as a sandy sky over Cairo – all find their place on her canvases.

Having exhibited in several countries such as Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and India, the artist now lives and works in London and Munich.

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