Renata is a German artist pouring multi-spirited energy into her original paintings, creating sumptuous colourful, textured pieces of art. Inspired by modern and ancient cultures.

Renata von Hoessle

Wenn ich male, bin ich wie aus der Welt gerissen, dann gibt es auch keine Zeit mehr, dann sehe ich auch nicht wie sich die Sonne verschiebt.


After having left Algeria at the age of ten, her early poems dealt with longing „Sehnsucht“ and the search for an idealized home. At the same time the Arabian horse, symbol of royalty and strength, settled down in her sketchbooks.

Horses are a symbol of freedom for Renata. Fascinated by their elegance and beauty, she concentrated on capturing their vibrant energy on her canvases.

A little later she started painting women, in a very sensual and sensitive way, including some psychedelic as well as traditional oriental details.

The background of her pictures are inspired by the place she created the painting in. The bright colours of Rajasthani cloth, a glimpse of snow on joyful german alps as well as a sandy sky over Cairo – all find their place on her canvases.

Passing her Master Degree in Oriental Art, Indology and classical Archaeology, Renata includes archaic iconographies and traditional details from different cultures into her paintings.

Slid into the background of her paintings, the observer may find Arabic calligraphy, details from Greek mythology as well as symbols of the Hindu and Buddhist universe.
Inspired by greek reliefs Renata uses a mix of plaster and colour to go towards the three dimensional and by that creates a constantly changing reflection of light on her vivid surfaces.

Ich habe hauptsächlich Pferde gemalt, die bedeuten Kraft und Eleganz. Ich liebe ihre Bewegung, ihre Austrahlung.


Born in Kuwait City, as a German with Indo-German-Estonian roots (her father being a german diplomat, her mother a brahmin from Bengal and her grandmother an Estonian), the Artist grew up and lives as a modern nomad – amongst other places in Algeria, Belgium, Egypt, India and Germany.

From 2002 onwards she consequently worked on Fine Art and included several stays in India, where she stood under the patronage of the known artist Anjolie Ela Menon.

Having showed her paintings in several European as also Asian countries, f. ex. Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Luxemburg, the artist now lives and works in Germany and Great Britain.


EXHIBITIONS 2016 – 2020

Okt. 2020 Participation at ArtMuc München

Feb. 2020 Participation at Parallax Artfair, Chelsea Town Hall, London

Dec. 2019 Exhibition at Av. Franklin Roosevelt, 1050 Brussels

Oct. 2019 Participation at Parallax Artfair, Chelsea Town Hall, London

July 2019 Exhibition at Yellow Gallery, Rue Blaes 34, 1000 Brussels

June 2019 Exhibition „Or“ at Villa Francois-Gay, Rue Francois Gay 326, Brussels

April 2019 – June 2019 Exhibition „danse“ at Haus Metternich, Königswinter

Feb. 2019 Participation at „The English Channel“ at Herrick Gallery London

Feb. 2019 Exhibition „Brexit Paintings“ at Philbeach Gardens, London

Jan. 2019 Participation at „Grand Cocktail du nouvel an“ at Cercle de Lorraine, Bruxelles

Nov. 2018 – Feb. 2019 Exhibition „Jazz und Farbe“, Knorrpromenade 1, 10245 Berlin

Nov. 2018 Participation at „Art Asia 2018“ through „Jaipur Art Summit“ http://artasia.kr/2018/overview-en/

Okt. 2018 Participation at „Salon des Arts de l’A.N.R.B.“, Av. Franklin Roosevelt, 1050 Bruxelles

Mai. 2018 Participation at Group-Exhibition: „On the Move“ with „BRUCODA“ Brussels Club of Diplomatic Artists, https://brucoda.expat.brussels

Nov. 2016 – Jan. 2017 Exhibition „Danse“ at Hélène Sion, Art Center WSL, 5 place J.B. Degrooff, 1200 Brussels, http://www.artcenterwsl.be

Dec. 2016 Participation at Jaipur Art Summit 2016, Jaipur, http://www.jaipurartsummit.in

Nov. 2016 Participation at Nato Charity Basar in Brussels

Sept. 2016 Participation at Art Fair at NATO, Nato building, Brussels